We understand the importance of your involvement in your child’s life.

Child custody & visitation may be among the most contentious and frustrating issues you ever have to go through, and there may be deep disagreement as to the best interests of your children. Child custody matters can be doubly difficult as they typically coincide with a divorce or legal separation.

Child visitation and custody are inherently intertwined issues. To allow focus on the best interest of children and minimize the possible need for future litigation, negotiation and mediation are the preferred methods of resolving custodial arrangements in California courts during child custody proceedings. However, when negotiation is unsuccessful the parties must litigate their custody issues before the Court.

Our child custody attorneys are highly experienced in the process of negotiating and mediating custodial arrangements, and are also highly skilled at advocating for your rights should the need for litigation arise.

The changing needs of your children and changes in parental circumstances can also give rise to the need for modifications to existing custody and visitation orders. We are experienced at helping clients through the modification process when changes occur in life.

Whether in the context of divorce proceedings, a legal separation, or a change in circumstances that may warrant a change in your child’s custodial arrangement, our law practice is uniquely dedicated to making the experience as easy as possible for you, while ensuring the best possible outcomes for you and your children.

Custodial matters that may require legal consultation & representation include:


A parent who is a child’s legal custodian makes primary decisions about the child’s welfare. Legal custody can be held by one parent, or shared by both – in these cases, the child typically lives part of the time with each parent, and one parent is deemed the primary custodian.


Some parents share physical custody and their children live with both parents, but in many cases one parent has primary physical custody of the children. California courts ensure visitation rights for non-custodial parents, in the child’s interest of having both parents physically in his or her life.


Changes in circumstances may also arise on either side, which may materially affect the well-being of the child, and warrant a modification to a binding child custody agreement.

In some cases, a non-custodial parent may feel that the custodial parent has made it unreasonably difficult to exercise visitation rights.

In certain cases, where a custodial parent has simply refused to conform to the parenting schedule, a contempt of court order may be filed with the court as an enforcement remedy.

The dedicated, experienced child custody attorneys at the family law firm of Lurkis, Joyce & Del Bove, LLP represent clients in child custody proceedings and all matters related to child support & paternity actions throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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