We understand that divorce and paternity determinations can have a profound effect on your children’s financial well-being.

Child support determinations are typically a fundamental component of a divorce settlement or custody action, and such proceedings are often fraught with anxiety around the potential impact on a couple’s children.

Children’s needs, parental circumstances, and compliance with child support orders are all factors that can evolve over time and lead to ongoing issues with regard to child support.

Whether in the context of divorce proceedings, a change of circumstances which may warrant a change in the amount of child support, failure to make timely payments or any payments, or child support proceedings in the context of a parentage determination, our child support attorneys are uniquely dedicated to making the experience as easy as possible for you, while ensuring the best possible outcomes for you and your children.

The circumstances around child support matters that may require legal consultation & representation include:


We understand that one of your primary concerns in a divorce settlement is the preservation of your child’s standard of living. Child custody and support are often intertwined core elements that must be addressed in a divorce.

Our attorneys are highly experienced, and focused on negotiating, or litigating if necessary, the best interests of your children in a divorce settlement, both with regard to their financial needs and their living situation.


We are acutely aware that employment status, the needs of children as they mature, and other circumstances can change over time and may warrant modification to the amount of child support payments. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable and uniquely qualified to achieve solutions that are sustainable and workable for all parties to a child support order.


In the context of a paternity action, once paternity is established, our paternity attorneys will work diligently to establish (or uncover, if necessary) the father’s assets and ability to pay, and secure a child support order that is appropriate and will best serve your child’s financial needs.


When a non-custodial parent has failed to uphold their child support payment obligations, an enforcement action can be filed against them. Our attorneys have successfully secured numerous court judgments for child support arrears, and are also experienced at successfully defending against them.

The dedicated, experienced child support attorneys at the family law firm of Lurkis, Joyce & Del Bove, LLP represent clients in child support proceedings and all matters related to child custody & parentage actions throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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