We understand that litigation is not necessarily the best way to handle your divorce.

In our experience, private, voluntary divorce mediation often results in a more satisfying experience and substantially better outcomes for all parties to a divorce, often even in highly contentious situations.

Mediation is almost always substantially cheaper than litigation, often much easier on children, and unlike in court proceedings, where judges are extremely pressed for time and delays are frequent, the participants themselves set the pace and the intensity of a divorce mediation.

Additionally, although court documents are generally in the public record, mediation proceedings and discussions are completely confidential and protected. You are free to explore solutions in mediation without worrying that your statements can be used against you later in court.

Finally, mediation helps you maintain control over your divorce and your family’s future, and work toward voluntary solutions that are workable for all parties.

What is not entailed in mediation is relinquishing that control to an adversarial legal process, and legally binding resolutions ordered by the court. Instead, when agreement is reached between the parties to a divorce mediation, it will be approved by the court and become enforceable at that time.

The divorce mediation attorneys at Lurkis, Joyce & Del Bove, LLP are highly experienced also uniquely qualified both to offer guidance and represent your interests in the context of divorce mediation proceedings, and also to provide divorce mediation services.

Consulting Counsel in a Divorce Mediation

We are experienced and skilled at providing expert consultation and support during the divorce mediation process.

Divorce is a legal matter, and while mediation is often a highly beneficial approach to divorce, we advise retaining counsel from the beginning of this process to ensure that you know and understand all of your legal rights going into the mediation, as well as during the mediation process.

It is, however, absolutely essential that you receive appropriate counsel before finalizing and signing any divorce mediation agreement.

We also recommend selecting a mediator who is a certified Family Law Specialist with the State Bar of California.

However, it is especially essential to retain counsel in cases where the mediator is not an attorney.

Divorce Mediation

Our attorneys are highly qualified divorce mediators.

We understand that every divorce is different, but that almost all of them involve issues that can be emotionally difficult. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience to enable us to make this process as easy as possible, while also making sure that both parties have the opportunity to express themselves.

We we will work with both parties to identify all the issues that must be addressed in an agreement, at a pace that is comfortable for both parties, and make sure that all concerns are addressed in mediation discussions, and in any final mediation agreement.

The attorneys at the family law firm of Lurkis, Joyce & Del Bove, LLP represent clients in divorce mediation proceedings and all matters related to divorce throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

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