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I would like to express my deep appreciation for the high quality of service provided by Mr. Sean Patrick Joyce in my divorce process.

Mr. Joyce offers a unique combination of professionalism, sensitivity, sharp mind and tactful assertiveness. While focused on my interest he brought awareness of the bigger picture and applied creativity in finding many ways to arrive to desired goals.

Mr. Joyce provided his rich expertise in the form of education which was exactly the style to which I was most receptive. While effectively guiding me trough the procedures Mr. Joyce allowed me to have my own experience, yet at the same time he offered me important insights. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Joyce for his work.

W.R. February 20, 2017

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Funny thing about dealing with Lurkis is that I was so pleased with his work that I ended up WANTING to pay him ! I am in business, and Attorney Lurkis is more open, less stilted and far more professional than any other attorney I have met, with one exception, in another field, and that person is a long-term personal friend.

I consulted other attorneys he had worked with and they gave him terrific reviews.

In my child parentage case, my first attorney was not only following the well-known "money, money, money" path ! I am no lawyer, but as I found out empirically, her advice was simply incorrect ! "Sounded good" "in theory", but was costing thousands, and less likely to succeed. Much of her energy went into "selling" me she was great and asking for praise. She seemed smart, but left me with the impression of a beginner grasping for top fees. I felt stressed by her presence in my life - really, I did ! When I criticized something she had done in attempt to discuss it, she poutingly suggested I should find another attorney. I advise anyone to Beware of: "Sell, Sell, Pressure, Pressure" !

Lurkis never attempted to sell me anything or demand praise. His associates and clients I spoke with gave me great references instead. Besides, he is in demand and has plenty of work without any selling needed. He kept the issues simple and schooled me on the intent of the law. Lurkis worked with me on fees and payment terms at a time when I really needed it. Lurkis was extremely well received by the judge handling my case. His attention is fixed where it should be: on the welfare of the child. Clif is a father and understands the issues from a personal view. He was open to discussion and gave me the "straight scoop" wherever I had questions.

How did the case turn out ? With his much appreciated help, I won.

Thanks, Clif !

Ed February 20, 2017

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Despite the unpleasant circumstances of a divorce that dragged on for two years, working with Sean throughout the process was always a pleasure. I’ve worked with other family lawyers in the past, and had never been satisfied with their services. Sean was the first lawyer I have encountered who I felt put the client’s interest before his own. He was very thorough in dealing with all the matters, always responded in a timely manner and was always willing to take the time to explain the issues.

While Sean’s guidance was always helpful, he often emphasized that the final decision was mine–a sharp contrast to overbearing lawyers I had encountered before. On many occasions, Sean’s temperament and reasonable approach helped defuse situations that were headed for drawn out exchanges or litigation. While I hope I never need the services of a divorce lawyer again, Sean will definitely be my fist stop for any area of his specialization in the future.

L.F. February 20, 2017

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Clif Lurkis was a fortunate find for me. In the midst of a painful legal situation, he provided clarity, empathy, and knowledgeable advice. All the lawyer cliches people like to repeat fell into dust around Clif - far from trying to add to my bill, he would point out if I was getting distracted by unimportant details, and adding time. And I always felt he cared about doing the right thing, and doing the right thing by me. His clear sense of ethics helped me remember mine.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Lurkis to anyone. He's a real treasure.

Mary Beth February 20, 2017

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I had a quite bad experience with my first divorce attorney, and was very cautious to choose the next attorney. When I met Mr. Sean Joyce, I was very surprised to see the level of practice was so different from my first attorney. Mr. Joyce was very sincere, knowledgeable, supportive and patient. He has a heart of gold, and my complicated divorce process was successfully resolved. I strongly recommend Mr. Joyce if you need an attorney.

R.K. February 20, 2017

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Clif restored my faith in lawyers. After interviewing an array of incompetent family attorneys and even working with one, I quickly realized that I needed to change to a different lawyer. Clif was referred to me by a trusted source to represent me in a heated divorce case that was heading to trial. He not only did a superb job litigating my case before trial and winning the case, but also helped negotiate a fair settlement on some of the issues before the trial date which ultimately saved me time and money. I am recommending Clif not only for his legal knowledge and experience in handling family law cases, but also for his thoroughness, listening skills and ability to strategize and think outside of the box. He is honest, sharp, responsive, no-nonsense and not greedy like most lawyers are. I highly, highly recommend him as a family lawyer without hesitation.

Golnaz February 20, 2017

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When I contacted Sean Joyce about my divorce that would span three continents I didn’t have much hope he would want to help. The process required him to scan and email me all documents since I would be in Asia during the process and my husband resided in Europe.

He instantly agreed to take my case and has over the last 6 months been extremely helpful in this divorce that has literally spanned the globe. His pricing was very competitive considering the amount of time and effort he had to invest in my case and the countless emails and document scans he had to take care off.

I am so relieved for this process to finally be over and don’t see how it could have been any smoother.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a flexible, reliable and affordable lawyer that you can trust to assist you throughout the difficult time of a divorce.

A.K. February 20, 2017

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Clif defended me against an unscrupulous ex husband and attorney who tried to stick me with hundreds of thousands of dollars in bad business debts that my ex husband accrued after marital separation. He also established a wage garnishment that ensured that my ex husband pay me the spousal support that the court ordered.

Anonymous February 20, 2017

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I previously had two different attorneys and was frustrated about the big invoices at the end of the month plus the misrepresentations. I felt at times that my two former attorneys had amnesia on purpose due to the prolonged conversations on the same issues over and over again, had a big price tag for me towards the end of my billing cycle. It seemed to me that they had other priorities and more profitable cases than mine, so my case for them was not something that they would pay attention. I felt helpless and depress at times, but I never gave up hope.

As a last resource I went and looked on the internet for a different attorney and I found Sean Patrick Joyce. After speaking with him for a few minutes I knew he was the right attorney to handle my case, so I hired him. Sure enough, he was very sharp, on top of the ball, very efficient and very moderate about charges. All I have to say is that if I had not found Sean P. Joyce to represent me, the outcome would most likely have been different. As we all know, we have bad thoughts about attorneys and there are just a handful of good and honest attorneys out there. I am glad that I was able to pick and choose of one of them for my case. I could not be happier to have him on my side. I recommend Sean to anyone looking for a good solid attorney, he will not disappoint you period.

R.G. February 20, 2017

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Having experienced a chain of incompetent and greedy lawyers, I finally met the exception in 2009, with Clifton Jon Lurkis, who has excellent listening skills, brainstorms to get the best possible solution, is willing to pursue creative avenues to resolve the issue, and has high ethical standards. He helped make my child custody orders permanent, plus, he helped me resolve a very sticky traveling issue that required a 24 hour solution. He is a great lawyer and is not greedy like 99% of his peers. If he continues the way he is now, he will have a very successful and lasting career. I highly recommend Clifton Jon Lurkis as a family lawyer.

Marina February 20, 2017

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I feel so honored to have been represented by Sean P. Joyce. My divorce case was not an easy one, and Sean encouraged me to “hang in there”. He was very knowledgeable and informative regarding the legal procedures in order to get to the termination of my case. His knowledge of family law and court procedures was very helpful in providing guidance and advising me of what to expect.

He always kept me abreast of the status of my case, was timely in returning my calls, and always asked if I had any other questions that might be pertinent to my case for whatever was going on at the time. I was most impressed that he always made time for my concerns through his knowledge, patience and understanding. I would feel privileged to refer him to anyone who might need legal advice or legal representation.

P.T. February 20, 2017

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I really felt Clif represented me with integrity; he communicated well and often; and I would absolutely recommend him.

Anonymous February 20, 2017

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I hired Sean initially for a restraining order case and then for child custody case right after. Not only was Sean very professional, He was very considerate of my financial needs. His retainer fees were very affordable and his legal services were amazing. I accomplished everything I wanted. I was very stressed at first, but after working with Sean I felt a burden lifted of my shoulders. Before I retained Sean I interviewed 3 other sf law firms and I am so glad I want with him.

If you need a great family law attorney make sure you hire Sean Patrick Joyce. He was my last appointment and I can tell you I am so thankful because I truly saw the difference in results and financially. I am Hoping to never see an attorney again under these circumstances but if I have to do it again I would never hesitate to hire Sean Joyce.

O.R. February 20, 2017

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Very good, don't waste any time, right to the point, great strategies.

Anonymous February 20, 2017

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Sean was my defense lawyer in the case of a frivolous civil restraining order. He was one of many lawyers that I contacted for this case but because of his quick response time during the initial contact period, I decided to go with Sean.

Our first call and in-person meeting were both great experiences for my first dealings with a lawyer. He was quick to pick up on the basics of the case and, when we met face-to-face, his confidence and calm demeanor quickly put me at ease. He was familiar with cases of this nature and knew all policies and procedures that were necessary.

Sean was always a quick email response away for me while we were going over Declarations and Responses. We were able to hammer everything out in about a day and had all the papers filed/served by the next.

The day of the trial, he was both professional and knowledgeable. He worked with the opposing council before the actual proceedings to see if we could resolve things without going before the judge. He was very fair in these dealing and even saw through some of the deception that the plaintiff tried. The opposing council was not agreeable and we went to trial.

In the courtroom, Sean was concise and able to perceive some of the inaccuracies of the plaintiff. His closing statement was straight to the point and convincing. It was clear that both the judge and Sean respected each other.

All in all, I would recommend Sean for anyone looking for a respected lawyer, especially for those seeking experience in civil restraining order cases.

J.C. February 20, 2017

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Clif was originally recommended to me as being a "formidable opponent" of which I found to be very true. My case was far from ordinary and required in-depth communication on many details. Clif's confidence, intelligence and utmost professionalism shined thru at all times. The ultimate proof of his talent being that he was able to guide my case to where we wanted it to go.

Anonymous February 20, 2017

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Sean handled my case exactly as I wanted. He kept things out of court. He is a fair negotiator but knows how to be strong when necessary. He kept me focused on the key issues and helped me see what issues to let go. Very importantly he kept my financial situation in mind at all times.

I hate dealing with legal issues but Sean made it as painless as possible. I highly recommend him.

L.S. February 20, 2017